12th of September, 2014

Long time, No type

Hey! Long time, no type. Where have you been? What have you been doing? And why haven’t you posted anything in AGES?!


Wow! April was my last post and quite a lot has changed since then. I returned to college after the Easter break, with same lofty goal of 3 Distinction Stars. Just like the year before, the staff were not prepared and assignments were given out in the wrong order or not even written! Despite this I finished the year with the amazing grade of D*D*D*!!

This is the BTEC equivalent of A*A*A* so I’m feeling pretty great about this - not only did I reach my goal but because of my hard work I am also being awarded Kent’s Scholarship of Academic Excellence which I feel a just reward for working so bloody hard.


In order to achieve this high grade, I had to put in a lot of effort and a lot of extra time. Unfortunately this meant other activities suffered. Sadly one of these was the database a fellow student and I were creating for a local musician. We were both very disappointed to have to leave the project unfinished, but my University placement had to come first.

Perhaps, sometime in the near future, I may write a little post-mortem on the project and what went wrong (so others and I don’t make the same mistakes).


After breaking up just in time for my birthday in early July, I had a lovely long and restful summer. I spent the majority of the summer recovering from the crazy college year, gaming and generally taking it easy. As I type this, summer is nearing the end with just a week until I head off to Kent and the excitement of University life. Oh and the madness of freshers week!


I really enjoy blogging and I have plenty more to type, so I will be updating this blog at least once a month (more or less depending on the quantity of course work) with both technology stuff and University life from a computer scientist’s perspective.

See you in the next one!

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